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Troy Lee Johnson

I Troy Lee Johnson wish to acknowledge that I took a human life causing a great amount of sorry to my victim’s family. I humbly regret my action and asked forgiveness for the pain and suffering I caused my victim’s family as well as my own family.  Each day I say a prayer for my victim and family.

Mine was a cold case and after 20 years I was brought to justice and I have been in prison for 19 years now.  I’ve completed anger management classes as well as Poetry as a coping skill.   I regularly attend LWOP and Insight classes.  My time is spend reading the bible and writing.

I have written five children’s novels and a science fiction novel. I have also written about 40 poems that deal with a variety of subjects.  I have just completed my fourth board game.

It’s my wish to find a sponsor who would assist me to get my novels and poems published and to have my board games marketed so that I could use the proceeds to give to charitable organizations and Victim’s Outreach groups.

For the rest of my life I ask with sincerity for forgiveness for the actions.

Troy Lee Johnson

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