Antione Crecy

Antione Crecy with child
Antione Crecy

I’m in for murder-robbery which was a senseless crime. I was 22 at the time and I’ll be 43 in August. The role I played as an aider and abettor still breaks my heart — I never expected death would occur.
I have taken full responsibility for the irresponsible choice I made as a young man who lacked understanding on how such a crime can impact not only a victim’s family, but also my own as well as my community.

I grew up in a home of Domestic Violence. I started acting up in school in the 3rd grade and fighting became my normal lifestyle until I was 18. I started selling drugs at 14 to support myself since my mom had to feed and clothe my younger siblings on her own. I worked for the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard a couple of years off-and-on, and then I was arrested.

Since I’ve been incarcerated, I joined a Victim’s Awareness program which impacted me so deeply, I took the group twice to fully understand how any crime can cause a ripple effect of heartache and pain. I completed AVP (Alternative to Violence Project) twice. Basic and the Advanced groups. I have a G.E.D. I’m a qualified facilitator for self-help groups such as; Life Line, Replace Prevention, Denial Management, C.G.A., Lifers Group, Defense Mechanisms, Anger Management, L.W.O.P. (Lifers With Optimistic Progress), and I also completed these groups as a participant.

I’ve been involved with helping the youth in prison, which started on a Level 3 yard here. Now I’m on a Level 2 yard and continuing my goals to help young men of all races stay out of prison. I’m part of the L.W.O.P. group Steering Committee to continue helping our group grow and share ideas with men to keep our fight alive and get home.

I’m qualified to drive Commercial Trucks after passing both written driver’s tests. I was baptized in 2003 as a Jehovah’s Witness, and even though I’m not perfect, I do my part in sharing God’s word and love it.

With the help of a close friend, I will work on starting my own Non-Profit Organization dealing with the youth in our community. Sharing my experiences as a youth, and in prison, giving the youth a reality they’re not watching on TV and being unfamiliar with the court system will hopefully open their eyes to not commit a crime. Even if I can only reach a few hearts.

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Antione Crecy