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Kenneth Allen

My name is Kenneth Allen. I was born and raised in Oakland, California to two loving parents.

In 1995 I was arrested for a first-degree burglary to which the District Attorney (DA) unceasingly sought 45 years to life sentence. I was 43 years old, raw and uncut (thugged out, in other words). Yet somehow, I discerned that there is only one way out of this situation, though I did not know what it looked like. A deeper part of my awareness was beckoning me, yet I was not conscious enough to acknowledge such a concept.

Knowing next to nothing about the law, I took over the pre-trial aspect of my case when it was clear that the Public Defender (PD) was merely rushing me through the process. Several months later, I procured my release on bail. Much to the panic of the District Attorney (DA) who collaborated with my PD to falsify a parole violation solely to have my bail raised.

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Kenneth Allen in an undated photo

I forged a few viable appealable issues which kept me pursuing legal remedies well after my conviction. Seeking the best legal minds in New Folsom Prison in 1998 led me to join The Inside Circle Men’s Support Group. Though I had absolutely no interest in what this group offered. To quote an old cliché, “the hunter was captured by the game”. This group is responsible for my maiden voyage to my “looks within myself”, where as a 48-year- old (in 2000) for the first time in my life, I discovered (realized) that as a child, I experienced profound emotional trauma. It also provided an immense jump-start to my emotional healing of which stimulated my spiritual growth.

Presently, as a man perpetually seeking healing in my life, I have a sense or Spirits’ hand in directing the course that was/is ordained for my life. My suffering can be turned into medicine from which others can find such healing that being the meaning of my suffering all along. The art of manifesting healing, is as basic as alchemy gets. I/we must become such alchemists, for only then can we stimulate Real Community.

I have dedicated the rest of my life to being instrumental in creating such circles wherever I find myself; this is the goal that ICF (Inside Circle Foundation) allows me to not only dream, but to actively strive toward, where by turning the greatest challenge unimaginable in my life into the promise of establishing a positive legacy that compliments the potential of who I conceive myself to be, “A True Asset to Humanity”.


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