Ruben Contreras

Photo of Ruben on a visit with family
Ruben and family during a visit

I have been in prison for 27 years. I am doing an LWOP (Life without Possibility of Parole) for aiding and abetting 1st degree murder, LWOP (Life without Possibility of Parole) for attempted murder plus 2 counts of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. I was 19 years when I was arrested and was sent to Folsom Prison at the age of 21.

I have a big family that loves me and wants me home! Before all this happened I had never been in trouble and not even a traffic ticket. I used to be many things; a hard worker, a brother, a son, an uncle and a friend. Now I am reduced to being labeled “ a murderer without redeemable qualities.” I have brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces who still remember me. They have their own lives to worry about still they help me when I truly need it. I have my lady who is a God send and my soulmate. She’s been in my corner since we were fortunate to find one another 6 years ago and we plan to get married in the near future. My hope is to one day come home to her…

During my time in prison I have furthered my education by earning my GED, taken AA classes along with courses in Life Skills, Relapse Prevention and also earned my Forklift License while working in prison. Currently I am training to be a mentor with Life Line for Youthful Offenders so I can help out the younger generation through my experiences and hopefully get them pointed in a positive and productive direction. I want to stay positive and be around people that want the same.

Sincerely, Ruben Contreras

Photo of Ruben and family during a visit
Ruben and more family during a visit

Ruben Contreras
CSP Solano B7-138u
P.O. Box 4000
Vacaville California 95696