Haiji Whitsey

Haiji Whitsey
Haiji Whitsey

Hello, my name is Haiji Whitsey and I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read my profile. In 1992, I was convicted of murder, robbery and

burglary. I received a sentence of Life without the Possibility of Parole, plus 6 years. Every day that I have been incarcerated I have shed a tear. Not for me, but for my victim, his family, my family and everyone that was and still affected by my uncaring and selfish act(s).

Before my incarceration my upbringing was typical, a one parent household. My mom had 7 kids total and we all lived in the same house/apartment. We were on welfare and lived in a gang-infested area. All of us went to school, every one of us got locked up as juveniles and only 1 or two of us got our high school diplomas.

My accomplishments while in prison have not been many but they were worthwhile. I have earned my G.E.D., I have an extensive amount of alcohol anonymous milestones, Alternative to Violence programs and Victim Awareness Programs.

What I may bring to society if given a second chance is hope, prayer, guidance, love and understanding. The meaning of being a citizen in society. To my understanding, everything you do in life has a ripple affect; make yours of positive attributes.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Whitsey H-44663
CSP Solano 22-21-5L
PO BOX 4000
Vacaville CA 95696