Eric Lockhart

Photo of Eric with a certificate
Eric with a certificate

Hello, my name is Eric Lockhart and thank you for taking time out of your day to read my profile. I would like to say, it is an honor and a blessing to share one of the worst choices I made in my life and the man I have come to be today, 18 years later. It was in May of 2000 when I got in a car with the victim of my crime with the intention of only robbing him – when he reached for my gun, I discharged the firearm, not realizing then the consequences my foolish actions would make. I was on the run that day forward, but when I was arrested I felt a sense of relief because I had felt guilty and heavy-hearted for what I’d done. When I saw the victim’s family consoling each other in the court room, I wanted to speak out and ask for forgiveness, but I couldn’t.

So, with the image of that court room that day etched into my mind, I have strived to live a life of service and show others that they can turn a bad situation into something progressive, using the consequences of your actions as a way to grow and truly learning from them. Despite having a sentence of Life Without the Possibility of Parole, I have maintained a steady path of growth for my children and grandchildren.

While incarcerated, I have earned my GED, and certifications in:

Two Stroke/Four Stroke engines, Network Cabling/Coppers-based systems, Building Maintenance, Craft Training, and Customer Service

Out of all of my achievements, I believe the most valuable precious to me are my AA in Theology and my Follow-Up Coordinator position in the at-risk youth diversion program called E.D.G.E. (Education, Diversion, and Goals to Endeavor) – both of which have equipped me with the unique experience of living a life of service.


Photo of Eric Lockhart and family
Eric and family

My goal, hope, and prayer is to some day work alongside my 28-year- old son who works now for Juvenile Hall, and be a shining example to my six grandchildren.

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                     Eric Lockhart