Richard Brown


Mr. Richard Brown is currently located at CSP-Solano in Northern California, serving a sentence of (LWOP) Life Without the Possibility of Parole. He is a First Time Offender and has been incarcerated for approximately 16 years.


Mr. Brown is currently 43-years of age. He was born in Stockton, California, where his offense occurred at the young age of 27-years old. He still maintains strong love and support from his family and friends. During the course of his prison life he has maintained on the course of positivity and productivity in the course of transformation for improvement for himself and the community in society.

Rehabilitative Accomplishments and Achievements

a) Graduated from high school and retained a g.e.d.
b) Completed alternatives to violence project program
c) Current member & participant in LWOP-group, support group, and writing group
d) Current mentor for the lwop lifeline youth offender program
e) Completed facilitators training program
f) Completed 12-week workshop via M.A.N.U.P. Program
g) Completed Conductors Training for M.A.N.U.P. Program
h) Completed Victims Awareness Program
i) Completed Self-Help Groups of the following: Anger Management, Criminal Addictive Thinking, etc.
j) Lead Conductor for M.A.N.U.P. Program, promoting manhood.


Mr. Brown expresses his deepest remorse for all the pain he has caused to anyone and everyone. He is now a New, Transformed, an Improved person. He no longer retains the immature mentality he once had. He seeks redemption with the above accomplishments and achievements to his credit and requests a “Second Chance” to be a Free Man, and a positive influence within our society.

Contact Information

Mr. Richard Brown, T-17058
CSP-Solano A4-104L
P.O. Box 4000,
Vacaville, Ca. 95696-4000

E-Mail address: