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Chad L. Rhodes

My name is Chad Rhodes, and I commence my wording by expressing my sincere veneration to all who read this notation in hopes to gain some needed support that’ll be immensely appreciated.

I’m from Oakland, CA and I’m currently serving an LWOP (Life w/o the Possibility of Parole) sentence for an Oakland cop killing in January of 1999. I ask that no one be judgmental or bias toward me in any way due to my sentencing case or circumstances for things aren’t what they appear to be, just because one is sentenced by the system. When the system fails by their own nescience of jurisprudence, then I think it’s time for “Democracy” (The People) to bring about emendation by supporting those that were unjustly henced by the system.

Right now lawyers are looking at my case and I am waiting for a response. I’m immured at CSP-Solano, regardless of my horrid and draconian situation I am still very optimistic and driven by constructive thought. I’m goal and career oriented and on a daily basis, I study and apply myself to attributes that enable me to move forward progressively and intellectually. As of lately I’ve been looking over a few books on real estate and business. I’m very ambitious and refuse to let my unfortunate situation deter me from prospering in a productive form. I have so much to offer that can be beneficial, and whether I’m fortunate enough to be exonerated of my case or not, I will continue down a path of progression.

I may be just a stranger to most, but also remember that I am a human being like yourselves and have been unjustly imprisoned; and this is why I’m asking for support from my counter-parts (other human beings) who are morally based. As I stated earlier, the system failed which resulted to an innocent person (me) to be castigated and deprived of my physical emancipation. It’s imperative that we as people realize that anytime the system fails, it can be anyone of us that pays unjustly – so I ask of your support by doing what you can to bring my situation to light.  Hopefully this country as well as the world will one day see the larger scale of things and understand the erroneousness that exist within systems, and if we don’t support one another  or do anything to change it; then not only are we contributing to inimical ramifications, but we’re also setting negative future for the young to subject themselves to.

I digress by saying that I’ll be grateful for any and all support, and that your time and lending hand will be greatly honored.

For more details concerning my case, you can contact me at:

Chad L. Rhodes, T93699
CSP Solano (B11-202)
P.O. Box 4000
Vacaville, CA 95969

Jan. 6 2018