Donald Boston

Donald Boston Jr
Donald Boston Jr

My name is Donald Boston Jr. I am 49 years of age and a native of Richmond, California. In 1989, myself and two others were tried and convicted of a Triple Murder-Robbery. I have proclaimed my innocence from day one provided an alibi defense. The jury voted for Life Without Parole vs. The Death Penalty due to lack of evidence regarding the actual shooter.

At the age of 19, I became a resident of CDCR (California Department of Corrections Rehabilitation). After 30 years in prison and decades of confronting the man in the mirror, I can honestly say my name is Donald Boston Jr. I have had my run-ins with the law as a juvenile, but have no history of violence. Eventually, I have become the man my parents wanted me to be when I was named after my father. This revelation is a result of my mental, moral, emotional, and social growth. A mental growth that allows me to stand before my twin sons and be a man they can emulate.

At the beginning of my term, I made the decision to be a non-affiliate of the prison gang lifestyle. At such a young age, this was not a simple choice and was not expected of me. I passed through eight of California’s toughest Level-4 Maximum Security Prisons, learning how to take responsibility for my past mistakes and walk a fine line between accepted prison behavior and personal growth. I thank God every day for allow me the ability to survive them all.

Despite the numerous lockdowns that occured in prison and the cultural denial of programs, I still achieved my personal goal of obtaining my G.E.D. I, then, developed a desire for a college education; my achievements and positive behavior granted me a Level Drop, which allowed me access to a variety of self-help programs and a transfer to a lower level security prison. I took full advantage of the opportunity.

The numerous self-help programs I completed gave me insight in to the social structure that lead to a road of my personal destruction. Having this knowledge, I developed a college educational plan geared towards a degree in Social and Behavioral science. The self-help classes that I continue to attend help me to see how my childhood experiences, my prison experience and what I have learned over time, could possibly help alter the lives of At-Risk Youth. This discovery has focused my educational and professional goals towards the area of Social and Psychological counseling, mentoring and facilitating for our youth. This period of change took a young, immature boy and transformed him in to a man that values Life over personal gain.

I began reaching out to everyone who lost a loved one to try and help ease their pain, while making amends for all the trauma I caused others. My personal growth created a compassionate need to bridge the void between criminal intent and forgiveness; yet I still felt like I was missing something. Having almost completed every self-help program available to me, personal change was evident, but still, something was missing… I decided to join an “LWOP” group. Lifer’s With Optimistic Progress, which is especially designed for people serving Life Sentences. This group taught me self-awareness, self-esteem and pro-social interaction levels of Restoration of Justice.

“LWOP” offered the means for me to become a mentor within the prison system. I had a passion for what the group had to offer, so I dedicated my energy in to completely a 6-month Facilitator Training that better-equipped me to becoming a more effective mentor for the Lifeline Offender Youth Program. As a mentor for this group, I share my personal journey to redemption with the youth, emphasizing on responsibility, self-discipline and personal awareness. The Lifeline Youth Offender Program is designed for youth, ages 18-26, that are incarcerated. I am proud to say that I have been able to make a positive, direct impact on their prison behavior and personal growth. I was once considered a youth offender, and I am thankful to have had the support and guidance that was available to me. I must share and pass it on!

I am currently housed at CMF (California Medical Facility) Vacaville, California Level II Dorm (Medium Security). I am currently enrolled in Solano College and Lessen Community College, pursuing a Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate.

Rehabilitation Accomplishments and Achievements

  1. “LWOP” Group restorative justice principles

  2. Creative conflict resolutions

  3. Re-entry mapping

  4. Anger Management

  5. Extreme emotional response

  6. Victim awareness

  7. Relapse prevention

  8. Conflict resolutions

  9. Speak Easy

  10. Re-entry workshop

  11. 3-courses of GOGI

  12. Facilitator training

  13. Lifeline Mentor

  14. Narcostics anonymous

  15. Healthy Relationships

  16. Self-Awareness Recovery

  17. Domestic violence prevention

  18. Men’s Support Group

  19. Microsoft digital literacy

  20. Substance abuse

  21. Currently pursuing my A.A. in Social in Behavioral Science

Contact Info:
Donald Boston H45893
Correctional Medical Facility (CMF)
P.O. Box 2000
Vacaville, CA 95696