Youth Offender Parole Hearings for LWOP – and CHCF has a New LWOP Group!

CA LWOP Group Announcement
Please advise ALL your loved ones, who were over age 18 when their offense occurred, that the First District Court of Appeal, Division Four, GRANTED defendants Edwards and Chioma (of Alameda County) relief on their argument that Penal Code Sec. 3051, subd.(h) was being administered (by CDCR and courts) in violation of the Equal Protect Clause of California Constitution!

What that means in plain language is: Youth Offender Parole Hearings, even for LWOPS, must be performed for ALL criminal defendants – especially between 19 and 25 yrs. When their offense occurred – cannot be denied Franklin Hearings nor suitability parole hearings after serving twenty-five years of incarceration! We are certain that the Attorney General has or, will file and appeal but, because this case was settled on Equal Protection Principles, it is highly unlikely the Justices of the State Supreme Court will undue this ruling. See link provided herewith for the actual case. Spread the word about this significant court ruling.

(California Health Care Facility)

The nearly one hundred LWOPS housed at California Health Care Facility Stockton, are proud to announce, that on Thursday June 6, 2019 we held our initial LWOP meeting with a nearly full classroom on Facility E. Many more LWOPS have subscribed/petitioned for attendance however, our class sizes are limited. Yet, with the support of our outside sponsors, we will make every effort to keep all LWOP inmates, here at CHCF informed about whatever news and/or events effecting CA LWOPS.

CHCF LWOP would also like the help of the entire CA LWOP Group in thanking (A) Warden Aldridge, CRM K. Petersen, our group Sponsor J. Flores and the many unnamed administrators of CHCF who made this amazing opportunity possible. They all deserve our collective applause.

Kenneth L. Moore C16557
CHCF LWOP Facilitator