LWOP Lifer Brochure at CHCF

Hey everybody, this is a support message from Kenny & Cris Moore of the CA LWOP Group, posing for y’all with the new LWOP Lifer brochure at CHCF on 7/04/2018.

We’d like to advise and remind you that, “We are in a most critical stage in California politics regarding prison/judicial reforms for Lifers and LWOPS.” And, as compassionate as Governor Brown has been in granting paroles and commutations – thousands of us are yet to see or receive the type of relief enjoyed by former inmates and their families – because of that and coupled with the fact Governor Brown will be leaving office in about five (5) months, we (Lifers/LWOPS) have to unite and demonstrate to CA. Politicians and Gov. Brown, that substantive changes are still needed concerning OUR CAUSES in this State.

Cris and I strongly believe that one of the ways to send a strong, unified message to the stakeholders in our cause, is by displaying photos of our loved-ones, posing in a t-shirt, showing their unity/support! The photos will be uploaded on the CA LWOP Group’s website, and shared with Gov. Brown and Lawmakers before the end of this legislative session (Sept. 2018).

So, please, take this challenge, find two or more family members or friends, have them get a Lifer/LWOP support t-shirt, take a group or single photo, then text or e-mail the picture to the web-group for publication.

Dare to make a difference, dare to be involved, dare to be free!

Warmest Regards, Ken & Cris