Letter from a Lifer Without Parole with Positive News

Dear Kid CAT,

I am writing this letter to show my appreciation to you for allowing those of us sentenced to Life Without Parole (LWOP) as youths a voice to the world. Despite being excluded from recent law changes pertaining to youth offenders, we remain hopeful of future law changes that will include those like myself who are left out.

With recent changes in CDCR pertaining to LWOPs in February 2017, many of us LWOPs were allowed to come to a Level 2 (a lower level security prison). I am proud to say that we have successfully integrated with the Level 2 population in a dorm setting.

Although we continue to be excluded from vocational training, LTOP (Long-term Offender Program) and PIA jobs, we are afforded more opportunities here on Level 2.

Please continue reading this letter in the San Quentin News.